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RA 4B: Greeks under the Roman Empire

Greek traditions of city-state autonomy and civic institutions were absorbed into the Roman system of provincial control through the wholesale incorporation of the kingdoms of Pontos, Bithynia and Paphlagonia as Roman provinces. How did Rome adapt existing urban institutions for her own purposes, and how did indigenous élites exploit the channels of social advancement offered by the Roman Empire? A study of civic life in the province of Bithynia and Pontos around AD 100 may draw on two important literary sources: Dio Chrysostomos, a widely travelled local politician whose speeches are preserved, and Pliny the younger, sent by the emperor Trajan to dispense justice and to restrain urbanistic ambitions when they threatened to lead to economic ruin for the community.


RA 4B.1 Euergesia and the development of societal structures: PhD project: Trine Madsen

RA 4B.2 The Romanization of Pontus et Bithynia: PhD project: Jesper M. Madsen

RA 4B.3 Greeks under the Roman Empire: Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen


Responsible: Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen, Jesper Majbom Madsen

Main activity: International conference in 2005; two PhD theses; publication of BSS 5, Rome and The Black Sea Region. Domination, romanisation, resistance

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