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RA 2D: Chronologies in the Black Sea area

The ongoing work on the publication of the finds from Panskoye I has revealed the need for a renewed effort in chronological studies. It has turned out that the present standard chronology for pottery of the 4th and 3rd centuries BC for the Mediterranean, which is primarily based on material from Athens, deviates - often quite significantly - from the dates proposed for material from various excavations at sites on the Black Sea coast.
Our focus is on the most important groups of material, i.e. coins, transport amphorae, and fine ware pottery. The potential importance of this study can hardly be overestimated, since a reliable chronology is indispensable as a foundation for any reliable historical conclusions.

Responsible: Vladimir Stolba, Lise Hannestad
Main activity: International conference in 2002
Main publication: V. Stolba & L. Hannestad (eds.), Chronologies of the Black Sea Area in the Period C. 400-100 BC (Black Sea Studies 3). Aarhus 2005. 338 p.

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