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RA 2C: Trade and the distribution of pottery in the Black Sea

Pottery containers, amphorae, are our most important source for the transport of commodities by ship in the ancient world. The Black Sea region forms an ideal background for a study of a central aspect of the ancient economy: the relation between regional and inter-regional trade and exchange. A number of detailed studies have identified the distribution and production of specific amphora types from the Pontic region, but a broader survey correlating amphorae with other types of pottery and artefacts remains to be carried out.
A specific aspect will be research on the identification of pottery centres for fine ware of the Hellenistic period (this will include mineralogical and chemical characterisations through a number of methods, such as NAA, petrographical, and trace element analyses). The Centre will invite experts both from the countries around the Black Sea and on Greek pottery of the relevant period in general to participate in this project.

Responsible: John Lund
Main activity: International conference in 2004
Main publication: V. Gabrielsen & J. Lund (eds.), The Black Sea in Antiquity. Regional and Interregional Economic Exchanges, Black Sea Studies 6. 2007.

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