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Oral presentations K-R


Kreuz, P.-A. (Illustrations)
The end of an imagery. Reflections on medial changes in cultural patterns of the Bosporan kingdom in the 2nd/3rd centuries AD
Paper delivered at the international conference: The Bosporan Kingdom. Sandbjerg, Denmark, 23-26 March 2009.

Kryžickij, S.D.
The relationship between Scythians and Olbia in 5th and 4th century BC: Hypotheses and facts.
Paper delivered on the occasion of the Centres official opening 19 April 2002.
In Russian, in Danish


Madsen, J.M.
Romanisierung in Bithynia et Pontus. Assmilation oder Widerstreit.
Paper delivered at the Department of History, University of Stuttgart, June 2004.

Madsen, J.M.
Provincial population and Roman identity in Bithynia et Pontos.
Paper  delivered at the 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Sydney, Australia, 3-9 July 2005.

Madsen, J.M.
Dion og Rom.
Paper delivered at the seminar on Romanization University of Aarhus, 7th April 2005.

Madsen, J.M.
Roman Greeks in Bithynia et Pontus- foreigners in native lands. A study of cultural identity in Greek provincial communities.

Madsen, J.M.
The Romanization of the Greek elite in Achaia, Asia and Bithynia: Greek Resistance or Regional Discrepancies?


Olshausen, E.
Pontos. (Powerpoint)


Pashkevich, G.A.
Palaeobotany of the Greek colonies of the northern Pontos.
Paper delivered at the seminar on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Niels Hannestad (3 August) and Lise Hannestad (15 October), 2003, professors of Classical Archaeology, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Petersen, J.H.
Greek or Native? A case study of burial customs in the northern and western Balck Sea Region - Olbia and Apollonia Pontika.
Paper delivered at the seminar "Golden Treasures of the Dacians. Rumania through 7000 years", 1-3 October, 2004. The Museum of Mediterranean Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden.

Petersen, J.H.
Grækere eller barbarer ? Kurganbegravelser fra 5. og 4. årh. fra Nymphaion ved Sortehavet. (Powerpoint)
Paper delivered at a meeting of DSOM at Copenhagen University, Denmark, March 2006.

Petersen, J.H.
Kulturel interaktion og sociale strategier - Gravskikke ved Sortehavet ca. 550-270 f.Kr. (Powerpoint)
Paper delivered at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Odense, december 2007.

Petersen, J.H., Handberg, S.

Campanian pottery in the Black Sea region in the late Hellenistic period. (Powerpoint)

Paper delivered at the "Ceramics in Context" conference at Copenhagen University, 3-5 November, 2006.


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