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Oral presentations A-D

Ballesteros Pastor, L.
The Pontic Identity: Hellenism, civic life and Mithridates' Propaganda.
Paper delivered at the University of Aarhus 10 March 2005.

Bekker-Nielsen, T.
Mobility, ethnicity and identity: the evidence of the funerary inscriptions from Pantikapaion.
Paper delivered at the Fourth Bosporan Readings at Kerč Archaeological Centre 20-23 May 2003.

Bekker-Nielsen, T.
Source materials for fishing in antiquity and the early middle ages.
Paper delivered at a HMAP-Mediterranean Workshop, Barcelona, 20-23 September 2004.

Bekker-Nielsen, T.
Mithridates VI, a historical personality.
Paper delivered at the round table seminar at the University of Aarhus, 9 June 2004.

Bekker-Nielsen, T.
Romanisering - en ide og dens historie
Paper delivered at the seminar on romanization, University of Aarhus, 7th April 2005.

Bekker-Nielsen, T.
The city orations of Dion Chrysostomos: Orality and literacy in the Second Sophistic
Paper given at the NNHR's fourth Nordic conference on The Greco-Roman Rhetorical Tradition at the University of Southern Denmark, Campus Kolding, 2-5 November 2008 (for full program, see

Bujskich, A.
The Grave Monuments from the City Necropolis in Tauric Chersonesos (4-2 century BC).
Paper delivered at the University of Aarhus 16 March 2006.

Bylkova, V.
New data on Olbia’s chora.
Paper delivered at the University of Aarhus 2 December 2002.

Bylkova, V.
The larger chora of Olbia with special regard to the Belozerskoe settlement.
Paper delivered at the University of Aarhus 5 December 2002.

Bylkova, V.
Archaeology and ethnicity: settlement material from the Lower Dnjeper region.
Paper delivered at the University of Aarhus 9 December 2002.

Bylkova, V.
Scythia and the relation to their Greek neighbours.
Paper delivered at the University of Aarhus 12 December 2002.


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