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Journals and bibliographies

Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia: An International Journal of Comparative Studies in History and Archeology

Antični'j mir i archeologia

Archaeologia Bulgarica
Journal of archaeology, first volume in 1997.

Archaeologia Circumpontica 1, 2003 (= ZAKS Newsletter 1)
Themenschwerpunkt: Archäologische Forschungen in Georgien

Archaeological news
Journal of archaeology published by the Russian Academy of Science, Institute for the History of Material Culture since 1992.

Scientific journal of the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine

Bibliographische Notizen zum Thema Frühe Reiternomaden 
Die Bibliographische Notizen wurden von Prof. Dr. Markus Mode zusammengestellt.

Bibliographische Notizen zu "Transfer-Momenten im Bereich der Waffentechnologie zwischen Steppen- und sedentären Völkern in partischer und sasanidischer Zeit."
Die Bibliographische Notizen wurden von Prof. Dr. Markus Mode zusammengestellt.

Bibliographie zum Thema die Geschichte Kleinasiens in der Antike
Eine Bibliographie von Ch. Marek über die Geschichte Kleinasiens in der Antike.

Bibliographical database (1898-1993). 

Inscriptiones Graecae Eystettenses 
Database containing almost all inscriptions from Bithynia and Pontus.

Journal of Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Archaeology
An Italian electronic publication on archaeology, ancient sciences and archaeology-related sciences.

Schriften des Zentrums für Archäologie und Kulturgeschichte des Schwarzmeerraumes
Im 2001von ZAKS (Zentrum für Archäologie und Kulturgeschichte des Schwarzmeerraumes e.V.) gegründet.

Sauter, H., Studien zum Kimmerierproblem
Saarbrücker Beiträge zur Altertumskunde; Bd. 72, 2000.
Homepage von Sauter Hermann mit eine reihe links

Scythian bibliography
Bibliotèque des sciences de l'antiquité in Lille

Scythian World
An English-language portal on the archaeology of the Eurasian steppe zone, with particular reference to the Iron Age.

Stratum plus

Periodical on cultural anthropology and archaeology.

Starožitnosti stepovogo Pričornomor'ja i Krimy
Antiquities of the Black Sea steppe and Crimes. Journal of Zaporižžja State University.



Articles and books

Tsetskhladze, G.R.
Article on Iranian influence on the Georgian art and archaeology, Iranica. 

Abramzon, M. G., et al.

The works of the Black Sea expedition of the Institute of Archaeology RAS in 2001 (KSIA, Moscow, in press)

Akhlevdiani, E., & Khimshiashvili, K
Impact of the Achaemenian Architecture on the Architecture of Ibearian Kingdom, Fourth to First centuries B.C.,The First International Conference on the Ancient Cultural Relations Between Iran and Western Asia, Tehran, IRAN, 16-18 August, 2003. (in press).

Antonova, I. A. & Zubar', V. M.
Results of the archaeological investigations of the Roman citadel in Chersonesos (submitted to Chersonesskij Sbornik, Sevastopol).

Ballard, R.D., D.F. Coleman, G.D. Rosenberg
Further evidence of abrupt Holocene drowning of the Black Sea shelf, Marine Geology 170, 2000, 253-261.
Links to the article are unavailable at the moment.

Ballard, R.D. et al.
Deep Water Archaeology of the Black Sea: The 2000 Season at Sinop, Turkey, AJA 105,2001, 607-623.

Banari, V.
Die Bezierungen von Griechen und Barbaren im Nordwestlichem Pontos-Gebiet

Bylkova, V. 
Excavations on the Eastern Boundary of the Chora of Olbia Pontica, Echos du Monde Classique XL, n.s. 15, 1996, 99-118

Carter, J.C.
The Chora of Chersonesos in Crimea, Ukraine, AJA 104, 2000, 707-741.

Drijvers, J.W.
Ammianus Marcellinus on the Geography of the Pontus Euxinus
E-article. The article is an elaboration of the material in the commentary by J. den Boeft, J.W. Drijvers, D. den Hengst, H.C. Teitler, Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus XXII (Groningen 1995) 88ff.

Fossey, J. M.
Illuminating the Black Sea in Antiquity, Nouveautés Lychnologiques 2003.

Eine Hauptseminararbeit von Susanne van Zeeland (ZAKS)
Aspekte der griechischen Kolonisation des Schwarzen Meeres im kulturpolitischen Kontext.

Harmatta, J.

Studies in the History and Language of the Sarmatians.(Acta Universitatis de Attila József Nominatae. Acta antique et archaeologica Tomus XIII. Szeged 1970).


Korenjak, M.
Die Taurer - Sesshafte Hirden? Zu Ps. Skymnos F 12(823),gfa,005,2002,a,10.pdf
Links to the article are unavailable at the moment.

MacLennan, R.
Digging into Diaspora  - A Pastor Probes the Past
Princeton Seminar Publications InSpire 2 2.4

Marchenko, L.
“Preserving the Global Cultural Heritage in Post Cold War Ukraine,” presented at the international conference “Art, Antiquity, and the Law: Preserving Our Global Cultural Heritage” Rutgers University October 31, 1998. report_SCRN.pdf

Sapozhnikov, I. V.
Article on the research of the history of Olbia and Berezan' before the beginning of the 19th century AD, East-European Archaeological Journal 5 (18), September-October 2002.

Stoyanov, T. & Lozanov, I.

Thracian and Classical Archaeology in Bulgaria in the Years of Transition (An attempt for Synopsis).

Theodossiev, N.

The beehive tombs in Thrace and their connection with funerary monuments in Thessaly, Macedonia and other parts of the ancient world.

Zeeland, S.
Aspekte der griechischenen Kolonisation am schwartzen Meer

Zubar', V.M.
Article on the character of the Expedition of Tiberius Plautius Silvanus to Tauris (to appear in Exeter).

Zubar', V.M.
Towards an etnically interpretation of the so-called votive slabs of the Thracian circle from Tauris (submitted to Antichnyj Mir i Archeologija, Saratov).

Zubar', V.M.
Interpretation and dating of an inscription in Latin from Chersonesos (submitted to VDI, Moscow).



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