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2007 Campaign

In order to get aquainted with working conditions in this landscape, trail intensive survey was carried out in a ploughed field next to Panskoe I (07-1). 

Seven ploughed fields were surveyed intensively on the southern and northern side of the Džarylgač Lake covering approximately 540 hectares. Together with a field (06-2) surveyed extensively during the 2006 pilot campaign these fields make up a more than 8 km long irregular transect across the lake and the landscape surrounding it on both sides.  

Furthermore, Field 07-3 next to a prominant kurgan used as a cemetery by the present population was surveyed intensively. The field surrounding the kurgan was surveyed extentively in 2006 (06-1).

Five inland slopes were investigated by a variety of methodologies. Hills 07-1 and 3-5 were surveyed intensively. Hill 07-2 was surveyed extensively and another ridge was mapped by Total Station. Furthermore, geomagnetic survey was carried out on Hills 07-1-2 revealing a series of well preserved settlements. This was followed by trial trenches on Hill 07-1. 

ArchMap by Tymon de Haas

Also during the 2007 campaign a coastal site was identified at Skalistoe. This site was located during a revisit to know sites. Initially geomagnetic survey was carried out revealing a well preserved fortified site. A trail trench was excavated to provide stratified chronological data.

Photo by Pia Guldager Bilde 






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