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RA 3A: Panskoe I



This project is based on a preexisting collaborative project between the University of Aarhus and the Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg (financed by INTAS). It aims at complete publication of Panskoe I, an important, short-lived Greek rural site in the distant chora of Chersonesos (Crimea), which had been investigated by a Russian team in 1969-1994.

The first monograph, Archaeological Investigations in North-Western Crimea. Panskoye I. Vol. 1. The Monumental Building U6, appeared in 2002. Two further volumes are in preparation, one on the necropolis, and one on the fortress and other buildings on the site. The Panskoe necropolis covers the whole chronological spectrum of the site. Founded presumably by the Greek city of Olbia, half a century later the fortress was destroyed and the site incorporated into the chora of the neighbouring city of Chersonesos. Both the necropolis and settlement provide invaluable archaeological information thanks to the unique combination of a very precise date with rich finds of the material culture such as pottery, metals, sculpture, coins, inscriptions, etc, as well as anthropological data allowing the paleodemographic reconstructions. An examination of paleobotanical evidence from the site along with the material from its necropolis proved a significan economic decline in the early 3rd century BC caused most likely by the rapid climatic changes.  

Panskoye U7

   Panskoye Necropolis


For the list of publications devoted to the site and necropolis of Panskoe I, click here

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