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Vladimir Stolba



Associate Professor

DNRF's Centre for Black Sea Studies,
University of Aarhus, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Phone: +45 8942 5401
Fax: +45 89425410
University home page:

Home institution: Institute for the History of Material Culture,
Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg


Research profile

Research interests: Greek numismatics and epigraphy; production and distribution of local pottery in the Hellenistic period; Greek-Barbarian interrelations, landscape archaeology, economy and chronology of the Northern Black Sea region in the Classical and Hellenistic period; funeral archaeology; climate changes and long-term human history in the Black Sea area. PhD 1991; thesis: The Taurian Chersonesus and the Scythians in the 4th-2nd Centuries B.C.: Problems of Interrelations.




Project description
I shall primarily be occupied with research activity 3,  North-western Crimea - the territory of a Greek city-state, subsequently changed to Polis and chora. This project has been going on since 1994 as a joint Russian-Danish teamwork financed by INTAS. The project aims to proceed with explorations of one of the most promising archaeological monuments in the western coastal area of the Crimea - the settlement of Panskoye I, unique in its character, being neither a city nor a single farm, but rather an agglomeration of large agrarian complexes. Founded by Ionian Greeks as a fortress in the early 4th century BC, and taken over about fifty years later by Dorians from Tauric Chersonesos, it suddenly ceased to exist as the result of an attack by steppe nomads, ca. 270 BC.
In the present phase the project is concentrated on the complete publication of the results of excavations at the settlement in 1969-1994, carried out by the Tarkhankut expedition of the Institute of the Material Culture History (St Petersburg), and finally by the joint Russian-Danish team.
The first of three volumes scheduled for the publication series, edited by L. Hannestad, V. Stolba & A. Shcheglov and devoted to the most important complex of the Chersonesean period (monumental building U6), appeared in 2002. I am the editor and co-author of volume 2 (together with the late Russian colleague, Dr. Eugeny Rogov) as well as author and co-editor of volume 3, which deal with the necropolis of Panskoye and the fortress U7 respectively, and are planned to appear in 2007 and 2008.
Also the publication of the results from at least one more site in the area will be included: the sanctuary of Djangul. This will be carried out by the Centre's team (V. Stolba, P. Guldager Bilde) in co-operation with Russian colleagues in St Petersburg (A. Shcheglov).

Apart from the above mentioned, I'am taking part in the research activities concerning "Chronologies in the Black Sea area" (V. Stolba & L. Hannestad (eds.), Black Sea Studies 3), "Trade and distribution of pottery", "The Lower City of Olbia", and "The Olbia Necropolis".
I am also in charge of the Centre’s project “Climate changes and long-term history” which aims at testing whether climatic changes were the prime factor for the large-scale migrations and changes in the societies of the northern Black Sea region in the 5th and 3rd centuries BC. In order to answer this question it is scheduled to recover long sediment sequences from two Crimean saline lakes which will permit comparative studies of the complex interactions among humans, climate and environment.




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