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Mark Lawall


 Lawall photo.jpg

Ph.d., associate professor

DNRF's Centre for Black Sea Studies,
University of Aarhus, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

1. september-31 november 2008


Mark Lawall (Associate Professor of Classics, University of Manitoba) is a specialist in the study of Greek transport amphoras and the interpretation of these archaeological data for the study of ancient economies. He earned his PhD at the University of Michigan in 1995 with a thesis entitled, Transport amphoras and trademarks: Imports to Athens and economic diversity in the 5th c. BC, and he began teaching at the University of Manitoba later that same year. Since completing his PhD he has published studies of amphoras at Ephesos, Gordion, Troy, Athens, the Kyrenia shipwreck, and the Pabuç Burnu shipwreck. Lawall has also published more interpretive articles on the use of data from amphoras in the study of Hellenistic economies, the interpretation of graffiti as evidence for marketing in the Athenian Agora, and various details of amphora chronologies.

He is in residence at the Center in Aarhus, from September 1 to December 20 2008, to finish the manuscript of the report on Olbia sector NGS, a project in which he has participated since 2004. While in Aarhus he is also helping to organize the conference Pottery, peoples and places: the late Hellenistic period, c. 200-50 BC between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea to be held at Sandbjerg Manor House, November 27-29 2008. He is also continuing work on projects involving transport amphoras from the Athenian Agora, the Kyrenia shipwreck, Troy, and elsewhere.


Recent Work

Under revision. “The Temple of Apollo Patroös Dated by an Amphora Stamp,” for publication in Hesperia.

In Press. Co-author with E.S. Greene and M. Polzer, “Inconspicuous consumption: The sixth-century BCE shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, Turkey.” American Journal of Archaeology.


2007. With co-authors Maria Savvatianou-Petropoulakou and Tania Panagou, “Hellenistic Stamped Amphora Handles” in V. Mitsopoulos-Leon and C. Lang-Auinger eds., Die Basilika am Staatsmarkt in Ephesos 2. Teil: Funde klassischer bis römischer Zeit. Forschungen in Ephesos IX/2/3. Pp. 28-60.

In press. “The Wine Jars Workroom: From Stamps to Sherds,” Paper delivered at the Symposium on the Anniversary of the 125 Years of Work of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and of the 75 Years of the Agora Excavations, June 2006. To be published in a volume by Von Zabern press. 13 pages.

In press. “Pontic, Aegean and Levantine amphoras at Gordion,” in Production and Trade of Amphorae in the Black Sea, International Round-Table Conference, Batumi-Trabzon, 27 – 29 April 2006. Proceedings to be published by the French Institute in Istanbul. 15 pages.

In press. “Early Hellenistic amphoras from two closed contexts: Kerynia shipwreck and Ephesos well LB,” 7th Scientific Meeting on Hellenistic Pottery, Aigion, Greece, April 3-9 2005. Athens. 18 pages.

2005/2006 [2007]. “Deep Water Survey and Amphoras: A terrestrial ceramicist´s point of view,” Skyllis 7, pp. 76-81.

Co-author with Deborah N. Carlson. 2005/2006 [2007]. “Towards a Typology of Erythraian Amphoras,” Skyllis 7, pp. 32-39.

Co-author with Elisabeth S. Greene. 2005/2006 [2007]. “Amphora capacities in early monetary Asia Minor: The Pabuc Burnu shipwreck,” Skyllis 7, pp. 17-23.

2007. “Consuming the West in the East: Amphoras of the western Mediterranean in Athens before 86 BC,” in J. Lund, D. Malfitana, and J. Poblome (eds.), Old Pottery in a New Century. Innovating Perspectives on Roman Pottery Studies, Catania 22-24 April 2004. Catania. 265-286.


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