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Søren Handberg



Søren Handberg,
Danish National Research Foundation's
Centre for Black Sea Studies
University of Aarhus
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 3, building 1451
DK-8000 Aarhus C                                                       


phone:     (+45) 89 42 54 92
fax:         (+45) 89 42 54 10



Research profile


In 2006, I received my master’s degree in Classical Archaeology and Social Anthropology at the University of Aarhus,

Denmark. The topic of my master’s thesis was the 6th-7th century BC Greek colonial pottery in Southern Italy. My main research interest focuses on ceramic studies and the interpretation of ceramic assemblages. Prior to my engagement at the DNRF's Centre for Black Sea Studies I participated in several field campaigns in South Italy, Rome and Greece. In the period 2001-2007 I was involved in the excavation of the sanctuary at Francavilla Marittima in Calabria. Aside from my PhD project, I am publishing the black glossed pottery from the lower city of Olbia in the Ukraine together with Jane Hjarl Petersen and Tatiana L. Samoylova as well as participating in the Džarylgač Survey Project (DSP) in Crimea.


PhD project – Grey Ware in the Black Sea Region


My PhD project focuses on the so called grey clay or grey ware in the Black Sea region in the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods, with particular attention to the north western part of the Black Sea area.

The grey ware is a specific type of ceramic production, which is fired in a reducing atmosphere thereby obtaining a grey colour. This particular production has been identified, through finds of kilns and production wasters as well as chemical analysis of clay fabric, at the two Greek colonies of Olbia and Istros. These two centres are viewed as the main, sometimes only production places of the grey ware and finds from other sites are often related to known types from these two areas.

I intend to do an extensive survey of the typological, morphological and contextual distribution of the grey ware with the purpose of investigating whether other production places could exist. In doing so, I hope to be able to present an independent typological and chronological development of the grey ware.

Finally, I will look at the consumption of the grey ware in different contexts and try to relate any consumption patterns to that seen in the imported Greek pottery. Much of the grey ware imitates known Greek pottery types, especially the Attic black glazed pottery, although idiosyncratic variations do occur. The production of grey ware, which lasted for more than half a millennium, can be related to the ideological, technological, environmental and economic situation of the Greek settlers.

An intensive and exhaustive study of the grey ware will hopefully provide, a much needed, tool for studying interaction patterns, the formation of material culture and more nuanced contextual interpretation on both a larger and smaller scale in the colonial situation surrounding the Greek settlers and the indigene populations in the Black Sea region, as well as their relations with the Mediterranean.



Selected publications
In press:
Handberg, S., Jacobsen, J.K. Excavations at Timpone della Motta vol. I. The Greek Pottery. Edipuglia.
Handberg, S., Jacobsen, J.K. Greek or Indigenous - From Pot Sherd to Identity in Early Colonial Encounters, in: M. Gleba & Horsnæs, H.W. Communicating Identity in Italic Iron Age Communities. Oxbow.
Handberg, S., Stolba, V.F., Ušakov, S.V. Classical and Hellenistic Grey Wares from the WesternCrimea, in: Bozuanu, V., Dupont, P., Lungu, V. Echanges culturels Egée - Mer Noire à l'époque grecque: instrumentum domestique & acculturaltion indigène

In preparation:
Handberg, S. Re-used amphora potter's tools in the rural landscape of Panskoe, in: J. Lund & M. Lawall (eds.), Pottery in the Archaeological Record. A view from the Greek World.

Petersen, J.H., Handberg, S., Bilde, P.G., Bjerg, L.M.H., Samojlova, T. L., Glossed pottery, in: Lejpunskaja, et al. (eds.). The Lower City of Olbia (Sector NGS) in the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD. Aarhus, 185-260.
Jacobsen, J.K., Handberg, S., Mittica, G.P.An early Euboean Pottery Workshop in the Sibaritide, AION, N.S. 15-16 (2008-2009), 89-96.
Handberg, S. Mittica, G.P. & Jacobsen, J.K. Recent Archaeological Work at Francavilla Marittima, in, Poulsen, B. & Fischer-Hansen, T. (eds.), From Artemis to Diana. Acta Hyperborea 12. Aarhus.
Jacobsen, J.K., G.P. Mittica & S. Handberg: Oinotrian-Euboean pottery in the Sibaritide. A preliminary report, in: M. Bettelli, C. De Faveri & M. Osanna (eds.), Prima delle Colonie. Organizzazione territoriale e produzioni ceramiche specializzate in Basilicata e in Calabria settentrionale ionica nella prima età del ferro. Osanna Edizioni 2009. 203-238.
Bilde, P.G., Bøgh, B., Handberg, S. et al. Archaeology in the Black Sea region in classical antiquity 1993-2007, Archaeological Reports (London), vol. 54, 115-173.
Handberg, S. Ceramic Workshops, Agoranomoi and Pottery Trade in Olbia Pontica. 109th Annual Meetings Abstract, Archaeological Institute of America, 47-48, (abstract).
Bilde, P.G., Attema, P., Handberg, S., de Haas, T., Winther Jakobsen, K., Lantzov, S.B., Smekalova, T.N., Stolba, V.F. Джарылгачский исследовательский проект. Результаты сезона 2007 г, i.: The Phenomenon of the Bosporan Kingdom: Sacred Meaning of Region, Monuments, and Finds, vol. II. State Hermitage, St Petersborg, 107-118.
Handberg, S., et al. The Local pottery from Timpone della Motta, in: Atti il V Giornata Acrheologica Francavillese.
Handberg, S., Petersen, J. Campanian pottery in the Black Sea region in the late Hellenistic period. Internet publication.
Handberg, S., Pace, R: Le Case arcaiche di Francavilla, Amendolara e Sibari: Nuove prospettive di ricerca, in: Atti il IV Giornata Archeologica Francavillese.
Handberg, S., Jacobsen K.J. An Orientalizing and Related Bird Bowls, recently excavated at the Athenaion at Francavilla Marittima, in: Analecta Romana Instituti Danici, 7-20. 2005.
Handberg, S., Jacobsen, K.J. Alcune coppe dell’antica Turchia sul Timpone della Motta, in: Atti il III Giornata Archeologica Francavillese. 36-46 2005.
Handberg, S., Jacobsen, K.J., Kleibrink, M. I kanthariskoi di Lagaria, in: Atti il II Giornata Archeologica Francavillese.


Handberg, S., Jacobsen, K.J., Kleibrink, M. Water for Athena: Votive gifts at Lagaria (Timpone della Motta, Francavilla Marittima, Calabria), in: World Archaeology 36,1 March 2004, 46-67.

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